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What is LGBT VIP?

LGBT VIP is the premium content site for the LGBT Liquor Guns Bacon and Tits lifestyle brand.  LGBT VIP is all things related to Liquor, Guns, Bacon and Tits.  It is premium content that embraces the unapologetic alpha male and all that he enjoys. The LGBT VIP also consists of a very active online and local communities that hold meetups and events throughout the year.


There are numerous membership tiers for every budget. Each and every tier has their own specialized rewards.

Streaming Devices

The LGBT VIP content is available on every streaming device via the vomvos network.


Free Trial

LGBT VIP has a free access level for content as well as a Free Trial Membership. Come and check out our awesome community and 100% real and genuine content. 

Videos & Livestreams

LGBT VIP produces videos related to all things Liquor Guns Bacon and Tits. LGBT VIP also holds daily live stream events. Some are in 3D and 360 degree. All are very interactive.

Get Started

In order to get started all you need to do is pick a membership tier that interests you. Once you select your membership tier you will get access to our Discord server community, our streaming content, daily livestreams and access to our content on the vomvos app.