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VIDEO: Serbu crafts an Apocalypse hardware store gun build


Heavy weapons gun guru and noted firearms engineer Mark Serbu came up with an 11-part spring-operated slam-fire pistol that uses .22 nail gun blanks to fire 3/8-inch ball bearings.

Made from ASTM A36 carbon steel plate, a scrap piece of .22 barrel, and a handful of parts from a neighborhood hardware store, Serbu came through with a working single-shot design complete with a trigger.

For more footage of the “RN2238” in action, Royal Nonsuch put it through its paces below.

Serbu Firearms is an American manufacturer of firearms based in Tampa, Florida. Founded by mechanical engineer Mark Serbu, the company is best known for producing the BFG-50, a .50 BMG caliber, single-shot rifle. The rifle is also available in .510 DTC EUROP caliber in some European countries, where .50BMG rifles are generally banned by law.

mark serbu genius gun designer
Mark Serbu

In 2013, Serbu refused to sell their model BFG-50A semi-automatic .50 rifles to the New York City Police Department after the passage of the NY SAFE Act that classified their weapon as an assault rifle. Refusal to sell to states that have outlawed the sale of firearms to the public under the heading of assault rifles has become more common. Following their refusal to sell the rifles, Serbu then had tee shirts printed with an image of the classic Seinfeld character The Soup Nazi, played by actor Larry Thomas, and the words “No Serbu For You”. Thomas, a gun control advocate, contacted Facebook and the T-shirt printers to have the shirts removed. Serbu has since removed the image of Thomas and replaced it with one of their founder.

One thing is for certain Mark is a genius who does not disappoint with his innovative designs. We can not wait to see the next firearm that Serbu comes out with.

What are your thoughts on this neat little pistol that you can make at home?

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Lakeland, Florida: Police Discover Alligator With Dead Body in Its Mouth


The Lakeland Police Dept is on the scene of an alligator incident in Lake Hunter. A citizen saw what appeared to be a body in it’s mouth. The alligator swam off and the dead body has been recovered. No identification has been made yet on the body. FWC is at the scene as well as a trapper.

Police in central Florida are trying to figure out how an alligator got ahold of a dead body.

Lakeland police spokesman Gary Gross says officers responded to Lake Hunter on Tuesday afternoon following a report of an alligator with a body in its mouth.

Officers were able to retrieve the body, and Gross says a trapper was called to capture the 8-foot reptile. Gross says the dead body appears to be an adult male, but police weren’t sure.

It wasn’t known if the alligator killed the person or simply found the dead body. Gross says a medical examiner will have to determine the cause of death.

Last week, two fishermen discovered alligators eating a dead man in a South Florida canal.


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Insanely Massive Alligator Captured In Florida


Weighing in at nearly 800-pounds and measuring close to 15-feet long, this monster alligator was captured and killed by Okeechobee resident Lee Lightsey.

Folks over at Outwest Farms, Inc. say this alligator kept feasting on their cattle on the farm.

massive alligator captured in Florida
Insanely massive alligator captured in Florida
Tiny little thing isn’t it

Outwest Farms says this is the biggest gator catch yet.”Lee Lightsey and I had the pleasure of doing a guided gator hunt this morning and killed the largest gator we have ever killed in the wild!! The group initially estimated that its length was “just under 15 feet”—and posted the photo on Facebook to show off its scale—but the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission will not be taking an official measurement Congratulations to Chris and Derek on their monster!!!

A spokesperson for the state’s fish and wildlife commission could confirm that it weighed 780 pounds. The largest gator on record in terms of weight was 1,043.

And to set the record, the gator hunters say, nope! That picture is not ‘photoshopped.’



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University of Graz Study Finds Vegetarians Are Unhealthy And Mentally Disturbed


It’s no secret that many vegetarians are also radical environmentalists and climate alarmists who are obsessed and hysterical about the planet burning up. Perhaps the University of Graz in Austria has discovered one reason why: their “unhealthy” diet.

We are all aware by now that liberalism is a mental disorder. This recent study might shed some light on it’s cause. Vegetarians are prone to very scary mental health problems because they do not eat meat. This might every well be why your favorite vegetarians are a little “off” to put it nicely. Maybe all liberal vegetarians need is more “BEEF” in their diets.

Study Finds Vegetarians Are Unhealthier, More Mentally Disturbed Than Meat-Lovers
Study Finds Vegetarians Are Unhealthier, More Mentally Disturbed Than Meat-Lovers

A new University of Graz study concludes that vegetarians are more often ill and have a lower quality of living than meat-eaters. According to the German press release, vegetarians “have cancer and heart attacks more often”. The release also says that they show more psychological disorders than meat eaters. Consequently, the report writes, they are a greater burden on the health care system.

Study Finds Vegetarians Are Unhealthier, More Mentally Disturbed Than Meat-Lovers
Vegetarians Are Unhealthy and Mentally Disturbed

According to the press release the scientists evaluated data from the Austrian Health Interview Survey (AT-HIS), which is also part of an important and valuable EU survey (European Health Interview Survey).

The scientists examined a total of 1320 persons who were divided up into 4 groups of 330 persons each. All groups were comparable with respect to gender, age, and socio-economic status. The study also accounted for smoking and physical activity. Also the BMI was within the normal range for all four groups (22.9 – 24.9). The only thing that really was different among the four groups was the diet. The four groups were: 1) vegetarians, 2) meat-eaters with lots of fruit and veggies, 3) little meat-eaters and 4) big meat-eaters. More than three quarters of the participants were women (76.4%).

Vegetarians may have a lower BMI and drink alcohol sparingly, but vegetarian diets are tied to generally poorer health, poorer quality of life and a higher need for health care than their meat-eating counterparts.
Vegetarians may have a lower BMI and drink alcohol sparingly, but vegetarian diets are tied to generally poorer health, poorer quality of life and a higher need for health care than their meat-eating counterparts.

Vegetarians plagued by significantly more chronic illnesses

The press release states that the results contradict the common cliché that meat-free diets are healthier. Vegetarians have twice as many allergies as big meat-eaters do (30.6% to 16.7%) and they showed 166% higher cancer rates (4.8% to 1.8%). Moreover the scientists found that vegans had a 150% higher rate of heart attacks (1.5% to 0.6%). In total the scientists looked at 18 different chronic illnesses. Compared to the big meat-eaters, vegetarians were hit harder in 14 of the 18 illnesses (78%) which included asthma, diabetes, migraines and osteoporosis [1, p.4, Table 3].

The Medical University of Graz confirms the findings of the University of Hildesheim: More frequent psychological disorders among vegetarians, the press release states.

vegetarians were 15 percent more prone to depressive conditions and twice as likely to suffer anxiety disorders.
Vegetarians were 15 percent more prone to depressive conditions and twice as likely to suffer anxiety disorders.

The roots of anxiety and depression?

In the analysis, the University of Graz found that vegetarians were also twice as likely to suffer for anxiety or depressions than big meat eaters (9.4% to 4.5%). That result was confirmed by the University of Hildesheim, which found that vegetarians suffered significantly more from depressions, anxiety, psychosomatic complaints and eating disorders [2]. The U of Graz scientists also found that vegetarians are impacted more by ilnessses and visit the doctor more frequently [1, p. 3, Table 2].

Big meat-eaters were also found to have a “significantly better quality of life in all categories”, the study found. The four categories examined were: physical and psychological health, social relationships and environment-related life quality [1, p. 5, Table 4].

Meat Eaters Have A Better Quality Of Life Over Vegitarians
Meat Eaters Have A Better Quality Of Life Over Vegans

Dubious science everywhere

Again this is not the first study that has recently contradicted the claims that vegetarians are healthier. The world’s largest study on nutrition (EPIC) indicated that vegetarians in general tend to die earlier [3].

Vegetarians Die Earlier Than Meat Eaters
Vegetarians Die Earlier Than Meat Eaters

Recently experts have shown that the alleged health benefits of a vegetarian diet are myths and fairy tales. For example, according to Professor Ulrich Voderholzer, Director and Chief Physician of the Schön Klinik Roseneck and an expert for eating disorders, promises made by vegetarian organisations “are not scientifically supported.”

The University of Graz press release writes [4]:


The press release also adds [5]:


Gee, it all sounds as bad as the science we have been seeing that tries to link bad weather to CO2.

Not only are greens duped about climate science, many are also duped about nutritional science. Granola-eating tree-huggers are turning out to be the most ill-informed, unhappy and hysterical people on the planet.

Peter Luger Steakhouse Has One Of The Best Steaks In The Country. Vegitarians
Peter Luger Steakhouse Has One Of The Best Steaks In The Country.


If you are in NYC try Peter Luger’s Steakhouse. If you are in Texas go to Pappas Bros Steakhouse in Dallas or Houston. And be sure to bring your Vegetarian loved one along, you just might save their life.


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Alexander Prokhorenko Russian Special Forces Commando Last Words Transcript


By now you have probably heard about Alexander Prokhorenko the “Russian Rambo” with giant brass balls who refused to be captured by ISIS and chose to take as many goat fuckers as he could with him. Below is a transcript of the last communication including the request for fire.

The Russian Special forces officer is Alexander Prokhorenko

Alexander Prokhorenko russian rambo
Alexander Prokhorenko

Alexander Prokhorenko: command I am compromised, repeat I am compromised.

Command: please repeat and confirm

Alexander Prokhorenko: They have spotted me, there are shooting everywhere, i am pinned, request evacuation immediately

Command: evacuation request acknowledged

Alexander Prokhorenko: please hurry I am low on ammo, they seem to everywhere, I cant hold them for too long please hurry

Command: Confirmed, hold them off, continue return of fire, go to safe position, air support is monitoring, state coordinates

Alexander Prokhorenko: gives coordinates which are blurred in the translation

Command: command repeats coordinates which are blurred. Confirm

Alexander Prokhorenko: confirmed, please hurry I am low on ammo, they are surroundig me, bastards

Command: 12 minutes until evacuation, return to safe line, I repeat return to safe line

Alexander Prokhorenko: They are close, I am surrounded, this may be the end, tell my family I love them dearly

Command: return to green line, continue return of fire, help is on the way, followed by air support

Alexander Prokhorenko: negative, I am surrounded, they are so many of these bastards

Command: 10 minutes, return to green line

Alexander Prokhorenko: I cant they have surrounded me and are closing in, please hurry

Command: move to green line, repeat move to green line

Alexander Prokhorenko: They are outside, conduct the airstrike now please hurry, this is the end, tell my family I love them and i died fighting for my motherland.

Command: Negative return to green line

Alexander Prokhorenko: I cant command, I am surrounded, they are outside, I dont want them to take me and parade me, conduct the airstrike, they will make a mockery of me and this uniform. I want to die with dignity and take all these bastards with me. please my last wish, conduct the airstrike, they will kill me either way.

Command: please confirm your request

Alexander Prokhorenko: They out outside, this is the end commander, thank you, tell my family and my country I love them. Tell them I was brave and I fought until I could no longer. Please take care of my family, avenge my death, good bye commander, tell my family I love them

Command: No response, orders the airstrike

Translated from russian

Read more:http://sputniknews.com/middleeast/20160325/1036930112/Russian-Special-Forces-Hero-Killed.html#ixzz440ZKBNUJ

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Do You Love Beer And Vaginas?


If there are two things that men love in this world, make no mistake: they are beer and vaginas. Many a happy lifetime memory has been forged with these two things.

A new brewing company Order of Yoniis introducing a beer that is made from vaginas. Yes, you read that correctly. Vaginas…

Their beer is partially made from the essence of a woman’s vagina, or better known as vaginal lactic acid bacteria. The first batch of beer is being made from the lactic acid bacteria of an smoking hot Czech model Alexandra Brendlovwho is rumored to have one of Europe’s finest tasting sugarwalls.

Beer Made From Vagina Yeast Is Coming Soon
Smoking Hot European Sugarwalls

We were looking for an inspiration, a model who is both beautiful, charming girl and intelligent, eloquent woman, Wojtek Mann, the founder of the company, told us. I really appreciate her way of speaking, and I find her body language, the way she walks, very sexual.

Beer Made From Vagina Yeast Is Coming Soon
Alexandra Brendlova

But before you go and trying to order online, there some financial aspects that remain to be addressed. Order of Yonis InieGoGo page has risen only 279 out of 150,000 goal.

Beer Made From Vagina Yeast Is Coming Soon
Alexandra Brendlova

If you decide to donate, Mann offers you to taste your own girlfriend only for 10,000. You’ll get a voucher for 60 bottles of beer produced on your girlfriends vaginal bacteria.

Beer Made From Vagina Yeast Is Coming Soon
Beer Made From Vagina Yeast Is Coming Soon
Alexandra Brendlova
Is this beer something that you would ever buy? How about if it was made from your favorite lady’s very own sugar walls?
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D-Day 72 years ago, the Greatest Generation charged headfirst into danger determined to reclaim liberty for the world.


Early in the morning on June 6, 1944, about 156,000 Allied soldiers stormed a handful of beaches along the coast of Normandy, France. Although choppy seas and heavy German resistance prevented them from fully meeting their objectives that day, they were able to gain a crucial foothold. By late August, Paris had been liberated, and Germany’s surrender came not long afterward. On D-Day ’s anniversary, take a look back at the two American, one Canadian and two British landing points that kicked off the Allied invasion of Western Europe during World War II.

Utah Beach
The westernmost of the D-Day beaches, Utah was added to the invasion plans at the eleventh hour so that the Allies would be within striking distance of the port city of Cherbourg. In the predawn darkness of June 6, thousands of U.S. paratroopers dropped inland behind enemy lines. Weighed down by their heavy equipment, many drowned in the flooded marshlands at the rear of the beach, and others were shot out of the sky by enemy fire. One even hung from a church steeple for two hours before being captured. Those who landed, meanwhile, often found themselves outside of their designated drop zones. Forced to improvise, they nonetheless succeeded in seizing the four causeways that served as the beach’s only exit points. On Utah itself, U.S. forces landed more than a mile away from their intended destination, due in part to strong currents. Luckily for them, this area was actually less well protected. “We’ll start the war from here!” U.S. Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt Jr., the son of former President Theodore Roosevelt, shouted upon realizing the mistake. By noon, his men had linked up with some of the paratroopers, and by day’s end they had advanced four miles inland, suffering relatively few casualties in the process.

Omaha Beach
Surrounded by steep cliffs and heavily defended, Omaha was the bloodiest of the D-Day beaches, with roughly 2,400 U.S. troops turning up dead, wounded or missing. The troubles for the Americans began early on, when Army intelligence underestimated the number of German soldiers in the area. To make matters worse, an aerial bombardment did little damage to the strongly fortified German positions, rough surf wreaked havoc with the Allied landing craft and only two of 29 amphibious tanks launched at sea managed to reach the shore. U.S. infantrymen in the initial waves of the attack were then gunned down in mass by German machine-gun fire. The carnage became so severe that U.S. Lieutenant General Omar Bradley considered abandoning the entire operation. Slowly but surely, however, his men began making it across the beach to the relative safety of the seawall at the foot of the bluffs and then up the bluffs themselves. Assistance came from a group of Army Rangers who scaled a massive promontory between Omaha and Utah to take out artillery pieces stashed in an orchard, and from U.S. warships that moved perilously close to shore to fire shells at the German fortifications. By nightfall, the Americans had carved out a tenuous toehold about 1.5 miles deep.

Gold Beach
Owing to the direction of the tides, British troops began storming Gold, the middle of the five D-Day beaches, nearly an hour after fighting got underway at Utah and Omaha. The Germans initially put up robust resistance, but in sharp contrast to Omaha, an earlier aerial bombardment had wiped out much of their defenses. British warships also proved effective. The cruiser HMS Ajax, for example, displayed such pinpoint accuracy from miles away that it apparently sent one shell through a small slot in a German artillery battery’s concrete exterior—the military equivalent of a hole-in-one. On shore, meanwhile, armored vehicles known as “Funnies” cleared away minefields and other obstacles. Within an hour, the British had secured a few beach exits, and from there they rapidly pushed inland. They also captured the fishing village of Arromanches, which days later became the site of an artificial harbor used by the Allies to unload supplies.

Juno Beach
At Juno, Allied landing craft once again struggled with rough seas, along with offshore shoals and enemy mines. Upon finally disembarking, Canadian soldiers were then cut down in droves by Germans firing from seaside houses and bunkers. The first hour was particularly brutal, with a casualty rate approaching 50 percent for the leading assault teams. In the confusion, an Allied tank inadvertently ran over some of the wounded, stopping only when a Canadian captain blew its track off with a grenade. Other Canadians lacked any tank support at all. After fighting their way off the beach, however, German resistance slowed immensely, and the march into the interior went quickly. In fact, the Canadians advanced further inland than either their American or British counterparts. Though they didn’t quite meet their objective of taking Carpiquet airport, they captured several towns and linked up with the British on adjacent Gold Beach.

Sword Beach
Around midnight, British airborne troops, along with a battalion of Canadians, dropped behind enemy lines to secure the invasion’s eastern flank, just as the Americans were doing near Utah. Within minutes, they had taken hold of Pegasus Bridge over the Caen Canal and nearby Horsa Bridge over the River Orne. Other airborne troops destroyed bridges over the River Dives to prevent German reinforcements from arriving, and they also took out a key German artillery battery in a bloody firefight. The British then landed on Sword at 7:25 a.m., around the same time as at Gold but before Juno. Although moderate fire greeted them, they soon secured beach exits with the help of the “Funnies.” Moving inland, they connected with the airborne units but faced relatively strong resistance in farmyards and villages. In a late afternoon counterattack, German forces made it all the way to the beach in one location, only to be turned back. The Allies would not be able to unite all five D-Day beaches until June 12.

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UCLA Video: See How Vulnerable Students Are In A Gun Free Zone Lockdown


Video From UCLA Shows How Vulnerable Students Are In A Gun Free Zone Lockdown

A campus shooting on Wednesday at the University of California left two men dead in a murder-suicided that sent thousands of students looking for safety and locking themselves down in classrooms cowering in gun free zones.

UCLA is a gun free zone that prohibits students from carrying a gun within 1,000 feet of school grounds under Penal Code 626.9 PC, also known as California’s Gun-Free School Zone Act.

UCLA’s campus policy also, “Prohibits the transportation and possession of firearms and other dangerous weapons on the grounds of UCLA campus, off-campus buildings owned or operated by the University, areas adjacent to University Property or to activities of or programs conducted by the University, whether on or off University Property.”

What this means is that students have little way of defending themselves from a gunman who is seeking to do harm.

In this footage obtained by RT, you can see how students have nothing else to do for their safety but to lock themselves into a classroom and wait for the situation to be defused.

If a determined gunman wanted to barge into the classroom where the students in the video above were hiding, it’s very possible that he could have done so if he had enough time.

As you can see, all the students can do is to sit still and wait, in hopes they do not become targets.

UCLA’s gun policy and the state of California’s penal code establishing gun free zones did absolutely nothing to prevent the man who committed the horrific act on Wednesday from bringing his gun on campus.

Last October the state of California passed a bill that bans concealed handguns on campus.

Gun Free Zones Kill
Gun Free Zones Kill. 92% of mass shootings occur in gun free zones.

What this video shows is that the states regulations are putting students in a terribly vulnerable position that could allow a determined gunman to do more damage then he otherwise would be able to do if students and faculty had sufficient means of self-defense.

We all know that Criminals do not obey the law.

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VIDEO: AR15 Takedown Rifle That Fits In A Camera Bag


Jeff Zimba from BigShooterist talks about this great takedown AR15 rifle that fits into a small camera bag.

What do you think about this setup?

Zimba Bigshooterist Dolos Takedown AR
Jeff Zimba Dolos Takedown AR

See more of Jeff at Full30.

Jeff W. Zimba was introduced to firearms at an age too young to remember. In his own words, “My father and grandfather used to enjoy target shooting and reloading in-between big game hunting seasons. I used to tag along with them on their many trips to the range, and as you can imagine, it was difficult to record data and focus on fine tuning with a curious and talkative young man in the midst. To keep me quiet and safely entertained, they would blow up a bag of balloons and staple their necks to a big sheet of plywood on an impact area 90° from theirs. (So we could sit together but shoot safely in different directions.) I was given a few boxes of .22LR, a rifle or pistol, and told to let the adults shoot and focus on popping all the balloons. It was an exercise I looked forward to, every trip to the range.”

Ten days after graduating from high school, Zimba reported for duty in the United States Navy at Great Lakes, IL with a dream of a career. Unfortunately, an injury quickly had him packing his sea bag and heading back home for surgery. With no plans for further education or job prospects, since all effort was placed on the military, as one door closed, several started to open. He started a retail gun shop and became an NFA firearms manufacturer. It was the largest retail NFA stocking gun shop in the state for several years. It was at that point he found a knack for breaking things from extreme use that always necessitated fixing, and occasionally improving the original system. He started keeping notes on all the data he collected and eventually started spending more time on the shooting range than in the store.

After a short stint working with Long Mountain Outfitters, a large Type 10 (Manufacturer of Destructive Devices) wholesale dealer, importer, and manufacturer, he was on the ground level in starting a new magazine (Small Arms Review) primarily covering NFA firearms (machineguns, sound suppressors, destructive devices, short-barreled rifles, shotguns, etc.) and served as the Production Manager and Staff Writer for almost 16 years, specializing in articles on the testing and evaluation of systems, both new and old. He continued to assist manufacturers in research and development on new designs, and continues to be active in the industry to this day.

His articles have been published in numerous gun magazines in several countries including Machine Gun News – USA, Small Arms Review Magazine – USA, Shotgun News – USA, The American Rifleman – USA, AK-47 & Soviet Weapons Annuals – USA, ARMI Magazine – Germany, PLATOON Magazine – South Korea, and several others.

These days, Zimba remains a freelance writer and maintains a Firearms T&E Channel onFull30 and on Youtube (www.YouTube.com/Bigshooterist) to share new information. He is the CEO of Small Arms Research, a New England-based firearms test facility, and he works closely with several manufacturers of firearms, ammunition, and accessories in research and development. He is a longtime activist for the Second Amendment on the state and federal level and enjoys his time in the Maine woods and waters as a licensed Master Maine Guide focusing primarily on providing outdoor opportunities for combat wounded veterans. He is an active firearms instructor, working with all levels of shooting, and enjoys “sharing the craft” with new shooters the most. He continues learning at every opportunity, considering himself a “perpetual Student of the Gun” with years of study ahead. In his “spare time” he appears on the hit reality television shooting show “Freedom Fighters” airing on the Pursuit Channel.

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Father Charged for Child Cruelty For Forcing Teen Son To Ruck March


The pussification of American boys continues onward…Today it is occurring in Douglasville, Ga. Where police arrested a father on child cruelty charges after the man punished his 16-year-old son by making him carry a 23-pound landscape stone for several miles.

Teen boys need firm discipline from their fathers to mold them into real men.
Teen boys need firm discipline from their fathers to mold them into real men.

Charlie Mayes, a 40-year-old military veteran father with no criminal record, told police he used military-style punishment because his son watched too many videos and didn’t do his chores and school work. Douglasville Police charged Mayes on Tuesday with first-degree child cruelty.

“This was done multiple times over a three-day period, sometimes as early as 3 o’clock in the morning,” Police Sgt. Todd Garner said.

Garner said the boy, who is only 4’2″ tall, was also punished in-between the 3-mile hikes.

“In between that time, he was at home having to move rocks and stuff from one side of the back yard to the other and then being taken right back out to the same location and dropped off and made to walk back again,” Garner said.

Father forces son to ruck march with a paving son as punishment.
Father forces son to ruck march with a paving son as punishment.

A pizza delivery driver alerted police to the teen’s punishment walks, one of which was captured in the background of a police dash cam video during an unrelated traffic stop.

Police have yet to make the video available, but say the father freely admitted what happened.

“He did not feel that this was inappropriate at all and neither did his wife,” Garner said.

A woman who answered the door at the family’s home declined to comment.

Meanwhile police alerted DFCS about the case and Mayes got out of jail on $3,500 bond Monday.

A judge ordered the father to get family counseling.

Teen boys need tough love and discipline from their fathers.
Teen boys need tough love and discipline from their fathers.

What kind of men is our safe space trigger warning society going to produce? A nation of manchildren? A nation of weak boys? How is it that liberals are OK with the destruction of families and the abandoning of children by fathers but a father teaching his son how to be a man is so bad? 

Personally I think that the liberal judge needs counseling. If there were more fathers such as this veteran there would be far less gangster wannabe hood rats running around. But then that certainly is job security for that liberal judge now isn’t it? As an Army veteran who enlisted days after my 17th birthday this is exactly what helped shape me into the hard charger that I became. How about you? 

Did dad go too far? What do you think?

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